My Work


Games I programmed while at Cartoon Network:

Single-player (Flash):

Downloadables (Flash):

  • Aqua Teen Hunger Force : Studio Shakedown
  • Codename Kids Next Door : Sweets Ahoy
  • Cartoon Network : Dropple (later repurposed as an online game called Splashback)
  • Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends : Buggin’ Out


  • Ben 10 : Bounty Hunters (a C++ downloadable real-time 2D shooter game implementing GameSpy networking)
  • Camp Lazlo : BattleBeans (a variation on turn-based Battleship, ran on CN MiniMatch platform)
  • Titanic Kungfubot Offensive (a real-time one-on-one fighting game, I wrote both the SmartFox Server Java and client AS3 gameplay code)

While I was there, I used to follow the statistics on how many times these games were played. Once that total exceeded 250,000,000 gameplays, I stopped looking. 🙂

Websites/Apps – Moxie Interactive:

Facebook Apps – Moxie Interactive:

  • Maybelline Dream – Parallax HTML Facebook app with Flash product demos + Flash game
  • Garnier BB Cream – HTML/jQuery Facebook app with Eventful, Google Maps, Twitter integration
  • Garnier Curls – HTML/jQuery Facebook app with sweepstakes
  • Garnier Pure Clean – Flash Facebook app

Portal 2 Maps (built using Valve Hammer)