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ScreenshotA while back, I created a Portal 2 custom map, Quantum Entanglement I, using a new puzzle mechanic that links two cubes together. Quite a few people in the Portal2 community  played it, and it got a pretty good response.

Since Valve launched the Steam Workshop, I modified the map to run within that environment so it would be easier for more people to install and play it.

Quantum Entanglement I in Steam Workshop

The response has been overwhelming!  It was the #2 most popular map of the day yesterday!  Unbelievable.

I have already started on the next installment, and I hope this will become a series of puzzles that present unique new challenges to the game.

Update:  #4 Most Popular Portal2 map this week in the Steam Workshop!  Over 20,000 total subscribers!  Wow!