Strong4Life wins 2 W3 Awards!

I just found today that Moxie won two W3 awards for our Strong4Life web projects.

The mobile web app Strong4Life Activator won a W3 Gold Award, and the responsive site won a W3 Silver Award.  Awesome news!

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Strong4Life Responsive Design

Last week we launched a Responsive Design for Strong4Life. It was quite a challenge figuring out how to get all of the elements into a small layout, but I am really pleased with our results.

We used our own variation of the Extra Strength Responsive framework to handle all of the media queries and CSS, based on our determined break points. This framework made it pretty simple to convert a variety of different page layouts to the flexible responsive grid.

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Project Launch: Take It From The Top

My brother Phil and I love to talk about guitar players.  One day we decided that nobody had a decent website where you could go to learn about all of the amazing musicians that don’t get all of the press and fanfare that they deserve.

So we launched Take It From The Top ( It’s another WordPress site that I put together where we talk about lots of musicians, some famous, some who deserve to be.

It’s a fun project, and we’ll see if we can connect with other folks who love guitar music the way we do.

Blog Projects redesign

At Moxie, we just launched a new version of the Strong4Life website.

We built this under a very tight deadline. It gave me an opportunity to learn more .NET server code, which will come in very handy.

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Project Launch: Westminster Presbyterian Church

I just launched a new WordPress site for Westminster Presbyterian Church.

Theme: “Modernize” by Goodlayers.  This theme is AMAZING.  Lots of built-in tools, and it made building the site really fun.  There is so much flexibility in this theme, as it lets you rearrange a lot of the content, and it does a FANTASTIC job of Responsive Design.  It formats really well on tablets and phones.

If you’re looking for a really powerful, mobile-friendly WP theme, this is one you should seriously consider.

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ScreenshotA while back, I created a Portal 2 custom map, Quantum Entanglement I, using a new puzzle mechanic that links two cubes together. Quite a few people in the Portal2 community  played it, and it got a pretty good response.

Since Valve launched the Steam Workshop, I modified the map to run within that environment so it would be easier for more people to install and play it.

Quantum Entanglement I in Steam Workshop

The response has been overwhelming!  It was the #2 most popular map of the day yesterday!  Unbelievable.

I have already started on the next installment, and I hope this will become a series of puzzles that present unique new challenges to the game.

Update:  #4 Most Popular Portal2 map this week in the Steam Workshop!  Over 20,000 total subscribers!  Wow!